Solar Energy: sustainable and inexhaustible

Evolving towards sustainable models

As part of our ongoing commitment to the environment, we are creating a project that will promote European energy transformation most innovatively, employing solar energy, which expects to spearhead renewable energy markets.

It is a project that will enable a shift from fossil fuels to energy efficiency, reducing carbon emissions, limiting climate change, and boosting sustainable development.

Value chain integration

KM0 based industrial model

With over 25 years of vast expertise in the promotion, engineering, and construction of energy projects, we have become the first manufacturer in Spain and Europe to produce photovoltaic modules based on Solar-Grade polysilicon and in-house manufactured cells.

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Solar energy evolution in Europe

A pioneering €470M investment project that will provide a competitive advantage

Faced with the great energy crisis in Europe, we are now more than ever ready to provide solutions and initiate in Spain, in the Region of Valencia, an industry of solar-photovoltaic energy.

Our project towards energy independence, taking an active part in the entire value chain, allows us greater control over the production while meeting the goals and challenges outlined.