At every stage of the value chain

A key advantage for Europe

We are pioneers at Silicon Valen in that we are involved in all stages of the value chain of the European solar-photovoltaic industry.

*Polysilicon Manufacturing

First stage in the value chain. We can effectively implement the Silicon factory in the Region of Valencia (Spain) with a production capacity of between 3,000 and 4,000 tons per year. In 2008 it was succeeded to launch and start a low scale polysilicon plant with good quality obtained.

*Ingots and wafers Manufacturing

Second stage in the value chain. We are working in the project definition to be able to process the 100% of polysilicon produced in first stage into wafers. We are in the preliminary processes for the integration of ingots and wafers.

*Photovoltaic cells Manufacturing

Third stage in the value chain. We have prior knowledge and experience in creating cells for modules in other companies. It was done using our ingots and wafers coming from our purified polysilicon.

*Photovoltaic modules Manufacturing

Fourth stage in the value chain. Currently, our 1st phase will be to start the production of a photovoltaics modules plant with a capacity of 300 MWp in mid of 2023. The final objective is to be able to produce the 100% cells produced by us with a total capacity of 1,5GWp.